Claudia Egli

Grown up with dogs, in 1989 the first Golden Retriever moved in with us: Wotan, a dog out of the Holway line and with plenty of energy.Together we worked in several sports. He died just under eight years.

In 1996 Wotan was followed by Clever Boy Jerry and in 2006 Rusty moved in. In 2012, shortly before Jerry died, Jillis joined us. With Rusty I started to work with dummies for the first time. Sadly we had to let him go in Mai 2016. Jillis is trained with dummies, birds and as rescue dog. He is also a stud dog and his first litter was born in 2016.

My dogs are a major part of my life and I would not miss them and the walks with them.

Stefan Siegenthaler

In 2004 I bought my first dog, a Golden Retriever out of showlines: Winning Milo of High Hopes.

With him I got the first experience in work with dummies and in field trials. In addition he has been successful at dog shows and as a stud dog.

Now Blake and Classic are part of my life, both out of overseas working lines. With both dogs I participate in workingtests. Blake additionally is trained as a “companion dog” (heelwork, retrieve, trail). If there is the possibility, Classic is active in here real passion, the picking-up. For me my dogs are a balance to my daily work and a great enrichment of life.